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Hi, I'm Ana Correia and welcome to my website.

I'm currently attending CTA (Celebrity Talent Academy) in London for my Advanced Career and Marketing Programme.

I also attended the 2010 IPOP! Las Vegas event and there I was the winner of the TV Beauty Commercial category. I was the runner up for Best Scene, Best Commercial and also Teen Actor of the Year.

It was a tremendous experience and I simply can't wait to return to the USA which i will be doing on July 1st at The Event Florida 2012.

I admire Sandra Bullock, Hillary Swank and Meryl Streep for their acting skills and as individuals. Johnny Depp is my all time favourite actor and an inspiration to me. Will Smith, Jim Carrey and      Steve Martin have starred in some of the funniest movies I've ever seen, but I greatly respect their acting work in general.

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